Understanding Ceremoney

Ceremoney is a cash gift registry and online event planner. Event hosts create a Ceremoney account to send digital event invitations and request cash gifts from their guests. Event guests receive a Ceremoney (invitation) in their email inbox, and can rsvp and give cash gifts of any amount using the website/app. Ceremoney is ideal for any life event if you desire to collect RSVPs or receive cash gifts in lieu of presents. If you are creating a ceremoney for a funeral/memorial service, we kindly request a copy of the Death Certificate for verification purposes only. We are so sorry for your loss, and your private information will not be shared with the public. Creating a Ceremoney account is easy. Click here to get started.

You can also share or view important event details in your Ceremoney planner. Ceremoney is currently a free service but premium plans will be available in the future to cater to any advanced event needs. In case you are wondering, we will never close your Ceremoney account. Quite the socialite? You can keep track of past events in your planner, but some events may be removed after one week.

Ready to RSVP? Open the Ceremoney invitation sent to your email address. Click “login” at the top right corner of your screen. Create an account or log in if you are an existing user. In your planner, navigate to the Ceremoney you’ve been invited to, and click “view”. On the event landing page, scroll down to read more about the event until you are prompted to RSVP. Choose “accept”, “maybe” or “oops, can’t make it” depending on whether you can attend!

No longer need your account? If you wish to delete your Ceremoney account, you may, however, all of your information will be lost.

Cancellations & Privacy

Ceremoney generates a unique link for your event. Links for private events can only be seen by invited guests and guests must be invited via email. Public event links can be seen by anyone. Once your event is live, you can cancel an event at anytime.

Become A Host

Create your Ceremoney event page a month before the day of the event, or sooner if you’d like. Depending on your needs, you may create a private event or a public event. A private event is limited to invited guests. Weddings, birthday parties or work dinners may be considered private events. A public event is open to the general public. If you would like to share your event with a large group of people for whom you don’t have contact information, you may choose to create a public event. As such public events are really helpful for sharing funeral details or events for causes and shared interests such as music or sport.

Ready to create an event? In your planner, navigate to “My Events” which is on the left of your screen. Click “add event”. Add your event title and event description in the relevant fields and hit “save event”. From your planner, you may then proceed to add your venue, guests, photos, select the event privacy and enable cash gifting.

Cash & Refunds

Your guests can send cash gifts via any local or internationally issued Debit/Credit card, Mobile Money or ExpressPay. They will receive an email receipt after sending you a cash gift and you will receive an email notification when a guest sends you a cash gift. When you are ready to receive your cash gifts, click the ‘settlement’ button on your Ceremoney planner. Once you settle your account, we will close your event page - meaning you can’t accept any further gifts. We will then process your payment within 5 working days. Alternatively, Ceremoney will automatically send your cash gifts in one lump sum within 14 days of your event.

Ready to send a cash gift? Once you have submitted your RSVP, send a cash gift by toggling the “Gift” bar to show your desired amount in GHC. When you are ready, click “proceed to pay”. As a Ceremoney guest, we send you an email confirmation once your event host has received your cash gift. You can also view the cash gifts you’ve sent on Ceremoney via your planner. Lastly, if funds have been debited from your account, then your transaction was successful. Event hosts will typically withdraw funds within 5 - 14 days from the day of the event. Please remember that cash gifts are non-refundable. Your cash gift is not a form of payment or fund raising nor is it a ticket to an event.. Only give cash gifts to people you know and trust. Have more questions? Let us know what’s wrong - Send an email to support@myceremoney.com