Why use Ceremoney?

Use Ceremoney to RSVP and give cash gifts ahead of time and remove the stress of having to collect or give cash on the day of your next event!

Hosts can set a cash gift range to suit every budget, so you never have to worry about how much to give or ask for!

No more buying or hiding unwanted gifts! Ceremoney makes it simple to experience life events with those closest to you, while enjoying the pleasure of giving or receiving a gift that will actually be used!

Not sure how to ask for cash?

Asking for cash doesn’t have to be awkward. Instead of sending your guests a link to your gift registry, send them a Ceremoney! Even if they prefer to pick up a specific gift just for you, they will know that you are open to or in need of cash gifts too.

Not sure if you should give cash?

Want to give a meaningful gift at your next Ceremoney? A cash gift can contribute to your hosts expenses, or help them reach a specific goal. If they’ve asked for cash, maybe that pair of socks or bouquet of flowers can wait until next year!


The easiest way to collect RSVPs and cash gifts before your next ceremoney!

For Guests

The quickest way to RSVP and give cash gifts for your next Ceremoney!

RSVP Early

RSVP online within seconds to let your host know you’re coming.

Gift Right

Give a cash gift of any amount without having to carry cash on the day.

Be Organized

Never lose an invitation or event location again, all that information is stored on your Ceremoney account. Also, you can keep track of your gift expenditure with our handy electronic receipts sent after each cash gift is received.